Which is the best institute for a certified Hotel Management course

One of the most high demand degrees among students for a breakthrough in the promptly expanding hospitality sector is Hotel management. India's hospitality and tourist sector is expanding rapidly because of globalisation. There is a continuing need for qualified workers in the hotel business due to its growth.

Now what is Hotel Management all about? The system of management used in the hotel industry is known as hotel management. As a hotel manager, you will be in charge of managing and need to be well-versed in finances, planning, service, and administration. Learning the management skills that span all facets of running a hotel business, including hotel administration, marketing, housekeeping, accounts, maintenance, food management, catering, and beverage management, is what this subject of study entails. Who doesn't enjoy travelling, right? Graduating students are in high demand in the hotel sector as a result of that idea.When it comes to choosing a straightforward graduation path after finishing their academic work, hotel management is among the top choices for students. Many students are considering enrolling in a hotel management programme. Given the growing desire for hotel management courses, many of the nation's five-star hotels have begun to provide these programmes as well. The finest job possibilities in this industry are most likely to be available to graduates from top hotel management colleges in India. The Hotel management job is fascinating and lucrative in addition to being glamorous, drawing more students every year to pursue it.

Students can opt to work in divisions including housekeeping, hotel management, food & beverage managing, main office, sales & marketing, and more with a bachelor or master degree in hotel management. However, it is crucial that students earn their hotel management degree from top hotel management colleges in order to qualify for attractive employment offers at exclusive businesses and accommodations like the Taj Group, ITC Group, and Oberoi Group of Hotels. Our country's tourist and hospitality industries are expanding steadily, and along with them, so is the demand for hotels. India is a well-known tourist destination, therefore there are more opportunities for students to benefit from studying hotel management than in the past. In India, there are several colleges and institutions that provide instruction and academic programmes in hotel management. If a person is passionate about working in the hospitality business, they may choose hotel management as their major. Every year, more students are drawn to the position because of the glitter and luxury that surround it. In India, there are numerous government and private institutions that offer degree and certificate programmes in hotel administration, which has grown to be a popular and lucrative field of study.

The minimal requirement for choosing a degree or diploma programme in hotel management is completion of class 10+2 at any accredited school or institution. Once you have completed class 12 and want to specialise in a particular area of hotel management, you can enrol in certificate programmes. You must be a graduate of a school of hotel management in order to choose a postgraduate programme. Now choosing the best institute for Hotel Management is a task given that there are numerous colleges and institutes out there. But one of the best institute for hotel management is Fortune Academy for Career Empowerment. Fortune Academy for Career Empowerment (FACE) is one of Kerala's top institutions for hospitality and hotel management. We are confident in the calibre of the programmes, and students who complete them successfully with FACE will be prepared to find the ideal position in the hospitality industry.

One of Kerala's Top Hotel Management Colleges, Face Institute of Hotel Management offers high-quality instruction in hospitality and hotel management. In Kerala's Kozhikode District, on West Hill, are the college campuses. It is owned and operated by the FORTUNE ACADEMY FOR CAREER EMPOWERMENT, a partnership firm established with the goal of advancing quality education in hospitality management and related Management disciplines as well as the hospitality and tourism industries. FACE is dedicated to offering common students cheap access to high-quality hotel management education that meets international standards. It seeks to provide students with exceptional hospitality management abilities and makes an effort to succeed in everyday life. FACE focuses mostly on training sessions that are practical in nature. By giving students ongoing training in food production, F&B service, lodging operations, and front desk, FACE INSTITUTE OF HOTEL MANAGEMENT students graduate as thorough professionals. Because of its 100% Placement and Practical Classes, FACE INSTITUTE OF HOTEL MANAGEMENT has been named one of the best hotel management colleges in Kerala for offering quality education in the hospitality and hotel management fields.

  • Goals of FACE :
  • to encourage more young people to pursue demanding careers in the hospitality business, particularly in the field of hotel management.
  • As a challenge for young people graduating from higher secondary education, to develop appealing, high-quality education in hotel management within the hospitality business.
  • Let's first discuss the prerequisites for choosing the best colleges for hotel management before we discuss reasons to think about it as a career.


    Given the growing demand of pursuing hotel management the number of colleges are increasing too which makes it difficult to choose the best institute for hotel management course but with the help of our article you can explore FACE institute to get your degree in your desired hotel management course