Hidden opportunities in Hotel management as a Career

The networking possibilities you get from studying in best hotel management colleges are its best feature. Do you enjoy interacting with others and possess strong communication skills? Are your working hours accommodating? Are you innovative and do you love working with food? Then the world of Hotel management awaits you and let your job be the passport for the world!

What is Hotel Management?

Have you ever considered leading community engagements on a cruise? Or how about running your own opulent chain of resorts and hotels on a national or international scale? How about managing a cutting-edge club or spa?

Simply put, hotel management refers to the study of the hospitality industry, which encompasses a wide range of professions, including event management, theme parks, cruise lines, transportation, lodging, and other related ones, mostly in the aviation, maritime, and tourist sectors. You would have the duty to create a "home away from home" for holidaymakers and business visitors as a member of the hospitality sector.

Career in Hotel Management

The job profiles in this sector might range widely, from director to chairman to chambermaid. Consequently, a job in hotel management might be the greatest fit for you. And this is but a drop in the wide ocean of exciting potential that the international hospitality business has to offer. Top Hotel Management colleges.

The tourism and travel management industry, notably hotel management, has grown quickly as a result of globalisation and the introduction of new technologies, offering a wide variety of profitable career prospects. As a result, certificate course in hotel management for students beyond the 12th grade have become quite well-liked. A career in this area could be both personally and professionally satisfying. One of the industries with the fastest growth rates worldwide is hospitality. And over 256 million individuals worldwide are employed by it! 10% of the world's GDP is produced by the tourism sector, which is a subset of the hospitality sector.With a degree from best hotel management colleges, you have access to all of the hotel's prospective job routes.

As you serve your visitors in real time, a hotel is a very complex operational entity. As a result, all teams and departments must operate efficiently at all times. The hotel management programme is intended for both MEN and WOMEN who are interested in employment and career progression in the hospitality sector. It is mostly a service sector and offers a bright future for those who are motivated to help others.

Due to a number of factors, including quick industrial development, trade and economic opening up, tourism, and others, hotel management has a great deal of opportunity for expansion and growth of the hotel business. Industrialists, traders, businesspeople, tourists, bureaucrats, and others must frequently travel for these reasons, necessitating accommodations distant from their homes. They need catering as well as meals. As a result, it increases the need for workers at various levels in this industry. There are lodging establishments everywhere in the world and across the nation.

There are several job options in this industry, from entry-level to executive positions. With various benefits, the hotel management also provides competitive pay scales. This adds yet another compelling factor for prospective students to select top hotel management colleges for hotel management as a career. Let's go on and look at the various industries and the exciting job chances they provide for students.

1. Food and Beverage jobs

It features a restaurant, caterer, haute cuisine, food carts, cafes, bakeries and confectionery, nightclubs, etc. This is one of the main sectors. Specialised training in culinary as well as cuisine and inventory management is provided to students at colleges. After completing courses, one can surely find managerial positions. Listed below are some job profiles:

  • Chef : A chef is responsible for more than just preparing food for customers and cooking it. such as creating meals, managing inventories, overseeing the culinary staff, and upholding food standards, laws, and regulations. A chef can be a sous chef who prepares every meal, head chef who leads the team , executive chef, pastry chef who’s in charge of the sweet delicacies, etc.
  • Culinary Director : He creates a detailed strategy for the entire kitchen and serving crew and supervises all culinary services and is also in charge of taking care of requirements of visitors and guests. Alongside, he oversees the general delegation of the workforce.
  • F&B Manager : The menus for different events are planned by a manager of food and beverages. He also explains the needs of the client during daily staff meetings and teaches the staff the fundamental manners and etiquette. He also limits the amount of inventory and assures the least amount of food is wasted. He assigns tasks and shift schedules to the workers.
  • 2. Guest Relation Manager

    With this position, one is entitled to take extra care of customer reservations, guest services, and ensuring that they enjoy their visit. This entails communicating with them and informing them of the services your organisation provides.

    4. Communications Specialist

    People may experience difficulties communicating their demands and navigating the tour when they travel to different parts of the world. You are required to be a mediator and a guide to them all the way as a communications expert.

    5. Digital Marketing Manager

    A digital marketing expert is skilled in online marketing as well as social media. This work entails running numerous internet campaigns, maintaining an online presence, and executing digital promotions for a brand.

    6. Tour Manager

    This job involves creating personalised travel trips for people depending on their budget, preferences, and occasion.

    7. Events, Sports, Wellness & Leisure Positions

    Formal and casual social gatherings make up a significant portion of this business. Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events, weddings, big occasion celebrations, spas and saunas, wellness retreat programmes, sports festivals, etc.

    Career paths in above mentioned area:

  • Hotel Event Coordinator
  • Wedding Planner
  • Spa Attendant
  • Banquet Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Sports Event Executive
  • VIP Services Manager
  • Wellness Area Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Revenue Manager

    Even though it is still a relatively new specialty, it is quickly solidifying as a core component of a hotel's administrative framework. "The revenue manager is pretty much the number two role in a hotel right now, behind only the General Manager (GM)," says Frank Gueuning, Senior Lecturer and Program Manager at Les Roches. The role's focus is on maximising revenue from the property, as implied by the title, and it requires both spreadsheet scanning and a vision for the commercial opportunities.

    Human Resource

    Human resources must locate, entice, and keep talented employees because hotels need them. Given the importance of "people skills," it is perhaps not surprising that graduates of hospitality management become effective HR managers.

    Front Office

    This team manages check-in and check-out as well as responding to any inquiries guests may have about their stay. They are the friendly face and heart of the hotel. For a front office position, interpersonal skills are vitally essential because this is frequently the only in-person interaction a hotel will have with its visitors.

    List of companies offering career in Hotel Management

    There is a long list of top hotels in Hotel Management that have lucrative salaries and perks for candidates. One can use medium scale hotels to gain experience and later on target the bigger hotels for career growth. The top hotels include:

  • Oberoi Group of Hotels
  • Taj group of Hotels
  • ITC group of Hotels
  • Tulip Star group of Hotels
  • ITDC group of Hotels
  • Best Western group of Hotels
  • Ambassador group of Hotels
  • Casino group of Hotels
  • Le Meridien group of Hotels
  • Jaypee group of Hotels
  • Conclusion

    Many individuals are selecting hotel management over other academic specialties due to its expanding field of study. It is one of those possibilities that gives applicants the chance to work and vacation abroad. There is nothing that can stop you if you have experience in the hotel management sector. To enrol, all you have to do is locate one of the top hotel management colleges that offers the certificate course in hotel management and submit an online application.